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Naked Muscular Man Covering with a Box Isolated on WhiteThe Project X course ‘Men on Men’ is starting soon. It’s a six week course for men who are same sex attracted to learn more about relationships, sexual health, coming out and a whole bunch of things. We chatted to Course Coordinator Gavin Tsai to find out more about the course.

Who is the ‘Men on Men’ course for?

MOM is a course for men with a same sex attraction and aged 18+ regardless how they identify themselves (gay, bi, straight…). This course starts on June 24 (Tuesday) and runs for 3 hours on Tuesday evenings for 6 weeks.

What topics does the course cover?

The focus of MOM is on sexual identity formation, self confidence and looking at how stereotypes and stigma can impact on the decisions we make. Other topics covered include coming out/staying in, homophobia, HIV/STIs, sexual health maintenance, relationship, the scene and the community!

If someone has not ‘come out’ can they still attend the course.

Absolutely!!  MOM is not a course to advocate either coming out or staying in but rather an unique opportunity for individuals’ to share their stories and to hear the experiences of others. Hopefully this will assist participants to make sense of and be more comfortable with their decisions and to form support.

How is confidentiality treated in the course?

We know how important confidentiality is to the participants! All personal information will be kept confidentially on password protected network. Also the very first thing we’ll do on any course is to set up a “group agreement” with participants, this includes things like what’s discussed in the room stays in the room and how we will interact with each others in the community (so not to accidentally outing others). Participants are very welcome to raise any confidentiality concerns with the facilitators.

What’s your favourite part of the course?

Definitely the session on exploring stereotypes and how it can influence how I see myself, my sexuality and my behaviour. Listening to the stories of others is such a powerful experience. I mean, how often do we actually get to talk to other like-minded guys about these things in our lives??  Oh and the group dinner outing at the completion of the course! making new friends is always fun and enjoyable.

How do people enroll?

Guys are very welcome to contact Gavin on 9492 0000 or email [email protected] but be quick as places are limited! You can find out more info about this and other course on

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