Miranda Devine: marriage equality campaign is “totalitarian tolerance”

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News Corp columnist Miranda Devine has described the push for marriage equality as “totalitarian tolerance”.

The conservative columnist seized a comment from QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce in an interview with the LGBT magazine Star Observer.

Mr Joyce had commented that if people who were opposed to marriage equality wanted to boycott businesses that support the call for change they would find it difficult to find some services.

“If you’re unhappy with a company that’s involved with the campaign you won’t be able to bank and you won’t be able to fly anywhere,” Joyce said in the interview.

Devine said the QANTAS boss did a good impression of an authoritarian dictator. The controversial columnist said allowing marriage equality would create a “brave new world” where support for same sex marriage was compulsory.

Arguing that traditional marriage was the kind that existing in every civilisation up until now, Devine said those who supported a traditional view were now being depicted as bigots, homophobes and non-humans who ­deserve nothing but the cruelest excommunication.”

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The column, which was illustrated with a man in a rainbow shirt wielding a baton, claimed that many of the businesses supporting marriage equality had done so without their governing boards being aware of their support.

Commenting on the recent furor around Telstra’s back flips on supporting the pro-marriage equality campaign Devine said the Catholic Church had not threatened the telecommunications company.

Devine said the church had merely reminded Telstra that the company had promised to uphold Catholic values when they engaged them in business.


The columnist likened the campaign for marriage equality as a form of blackmail, labeling it ‘pink-mail’.

“Attach a rainbow to your company logo and you can pose as a modern and progressive brand, with the added bonus of being protected from “pink-mail” attempts to force you to conform.” Devine wrote.

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