National Youth Week: Little Boxes

Society has made two boxes, one for the boys and one for the girls. The boys get cars to play with and shorts to wear, while the girls get dolls to play with and dresses to wear.

The sex we are born is the box we have to been in, we weren’t allowed to leave and we aren’t allowed go into the other box. Not everyone agreed with this, some left and never came back.

I was uncomfortable and miserable in my assigned box. I always looked over to the other box, wondering what it would be like to be born in that box, how much life would be different for me.

One day I couldn’t take playing with the toys I was meant to play with and wearing the clothes I had to, so I walked out of my assigned box and left everything I was moulded to be behind.

When I walked out of that box I saw that there were more than just two. There were a variety of different ones, not just “pink” and “blue”.

I walked over to each box and met many extraordinary people; they all talked about how they had left their assigned boxes. They all describe how I was feeling, they knew what it was like to struggle to fit into that perfect shaped mould society had made for everyone.

After going to each box, I finally found a box that I fit into, I found a way to mould myself into the person I wanted to be, not what others wanted me or anyone else to be.

People do stay in a box, some people go and find another box where they will be more comfortable but that’s what it’s all about, finding out what box you belong to.

I’m glad I didn’t stay in my assigned box otherwise I wouldn’t know who I am.

Tasha Jones

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