New Report Shows The Kids Are Alright

Gay FamilyA new report from the Australian government has revealed that the children of same sex couples do just as well as those raised by heterosexual parents.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies report authored by Dr Deborah Dempsey has measured the performance of children raised by same sex parents are compared then to the performance of children raised by straight parents on a range of factors.

“Children in such families do as well emotionally, socially and educationally as their peers from heterosexual couple families,” the report found.
Advocates for marriage equality have been quick to highlight that the report proves that one of the main claims of opponents of gay marriage, that children are better off with mixed gender parents, has now been proven to be false.

‘The main argument against marriage equality – that children do best with a father and a mother – has been blown out of the water,’ said Rodney Croome from Australian Marriage Equality.

“It’s clear from this report that love is what makes a difference to children’s outcomes, not parental gender. There is now no excuse to refuse those children being raised by same-sex couples the benefits of having married parents.’

Stock Image: YayMicro|TravelinJess