‘No’ campaign launches app to inspire volunteers

The Coalition for Marriage has launched a phone app to draw support for their campaign against marriage equality.

The app, named Freedom Team, encourages supporters to undertake tasks to promote the ‘No’ campaign, and for each task supporters gain points. The top supporters are listed on a leader board.

Points can be earned by reading daily messages from the campaign, watching videos that describe how to convince someone that allowing same sex couples to marry will be detrimental to society, by inviting your friends to join, making a donation, or by heading out and door knocking your neighbours.

The app includes a feature that allows you to use GPS technology to track down the nearest address to yours, that has not yet been contracted by the ‘No’ campaign.

With each action you take on the app you earn more points, unlocking various level badges. With just five points you earn the ‘intern’ badge, but you can work your way up to ‘supporter’, ‘team member’, ‘activist’, ‘organiser’ and ‘leader’. If you accrue 125,000 points your classed as a ‘freedom fighter’.

Some of the top identities who campaign against marriage equality are listed including the Australian Christian Lobby’s Queensland Director, Wendy Frances, the Coalition for Marriage’s WA Campaign Director Peter Abetz, and social commentator Bernard Gaynor.

Not everyone on the app however may be a real supporter of the No Campaign. Aside from many of Australia’s prominent LGBTI journalists appearing on the leader board, we also spotted users including Gay Lorde, Ho Mosexual, Yes to Marriage Equality, Amanda Hugginkiss, Yaas Voughtr, Imma Yesvoter, Anna Bortion, Ben Dover, Equality4All and Homeo Phobey.

Jesus Christ appears to have also signed up for the app, in fact he’s listed twice. On neither of his accounts has he made it past the ‘intern’ stage, suggesting that maybe he’s not that into the campaign.

Since the app was launched earlier this week it’s attracted over 125,000 users.

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