NYC performance artist Jennifer Vanilla shares ‘Take Me For A Ride’

jennifer Vanilla

New York based performance artist Jennifer Vanilla has shared their tune Take Me For A Ride. 

The new song comes with a video created by director Dawn Lombardi.

“I wanted to have some sort of sketch that opens up the video because I think that’s super old school and classic. It’s boring to open music videos with just nothing. When I’m directing something I want to tell a story and add some jazz to the situation.

“The video to me was all about movement and energy. We needed dancers and we needed pure talent to fill the screen and that’s exactly what we achieved.” Lombardi said.

The artist’s upcoming debut album Castle In The Sky is described as taking in 90s dance music, no wave, post-punk, art pop, new age and experimental R&B. The new track follows previous single Body Music.

The new album is the follow up to their 2019 EP J.E.N.N.I.F.E.R. (Beats in Space). 

jennifer Vanilla

Becca Kauffman , who uses they/them pronouns, was a member of the experimental Brooklyn pop band Ava Luna before they began releasing music as their alter ego, Jennifer Vanilla .

Through this persona they’ve crafted musical albums, choreographed stage shows, a neighborhood variety hour, fake commercials, a public access television program, and sought-after merchandise-as-conversation-pieces that have been the talk of the town in New York’s music, art, and fashion spheres.

Jennifer Vanilla’s music is co-written and produced by  Brian Abelson who has previously worked with a range of acts including Lobster Teremin and HAUS of ALTR. Earlier this year Abelson released his own ambient EP Acid Phases.


Check out the video.

Graeme Watson, images:  Luca Venter 

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