Offspring Reveals Huge Lesbian Twist

424376_640327019330046_272745326_n[2]For those of you that missed the highly anticipated episode of channel ten’s popular ‘Offspring’ last night, you missed out.

The lead up to this episode had suspicions that the young student doctor, Eloise, has a concerning crush on Nina’s hunky partner, Patrick. Paranoid, pregnant, Nina and her sister Billie were keeping a close eye on the seemingly innocent young doc.  

How wrong we all were! Turns out the shy (but super hot) student doctor in fact has a crush on Nina herself! That’s right, she’s totally a lesbian.

We did call it, the team at OUT thought that minimal makeup/side-plait/androgynous uniform getup was a dead giveaway. We think it’s pretty awesome that the high rating prime time show has a queer twist now.

The awkward yet endearing revelation takes place in Nina’s office, when finally confronted about how strange Eloise acts around Patrick; she explains that Nina has been reading the signs all wrong.

The rest of the episode follows Nina getting all giddy about having an admirer, a sexy girl-on-girl fantasy on a lake (they NEARLY kiss), and an awkward encounter with Nina and Eloise’s… gerbil.

We can’t wait for the next episode, if you missed last night’s episode, you can catch it here.

Nadine Walker

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