Old ladies take over Drag Factory at The Court

Drag Factory at The Court saw two new hosts this week as Granny Adams and Aunty Alexas took over the weekly amateur drag competition.

The senior citizens gave feedback to the aspiring performers including Em Motion, Cindy Crosscheck, Sassie Cassie, Perri Oxide, Demi Licious and Vaboux.

It was great to see Vaboux return to the stage after an extended absence, the reigning Queen of the Court was just as beautifully weird as ever.

Cindy Crosscheck shocked the audience by knowing the words to the songs she was performing, and Em Motion spent a lot of the her time getting her hair out of her mouth.

Perri Oxide was the winner with her two subversive and slightly menacing performances as a gender-bending joker.

Catch all the aspiring drag action and cheap pizza at The Court Hotel on Wednesday nights.

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