Olly Alexander is chasing himself in Years & Years’ clip for ‘Starstruck’

Olly Alexander delivered a groundbreaking performance earlier this year in the TV series It’s a Sin. Now he’s back to making music as Years & Years’ with his latest tune Starstruck. 

The song is the first release from Years & Year’s upcoming third album, due out later this year. Alexander recently shared that the band is now a solo project involving only him after his two bandmates Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Türkmen decided to move on to other projects.

The trio formed back in 2010 and topped the British charts with their debut album Communion in 2015, their second album Palo Santo came out in 2018. The band collaborated with the Pet Shop Boys in 2019 on the track Dreamland, and earlier this year released a cover of their song It’s a Sin to coincide with the acclaimed TV series.

Alexander recently spoke to Capitol Radio in the UK explaining the decision to move ahead as a solo project.

“The honest truth of what happened is that me, Mike and Emre met 10 years ago right, and we’ve been in this band for a decade and in that time we’ve just grown apart, musically right.”

Alexander said while he could have just started releasing music under his own name he didn’t want to let go of the legacy of what Years & Years had achieved, so he decided to continue under the moniker.

The video clip for Starstruck, directed by Fred Rowston, sees Alexander being chased around a series of rooms by an amorous clone of himself.

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