One last chance to see ZĀN before they relocate overseas

You’ve got only once chance to see the fabulous ZĀN before they relocate overseas. The Salafi Secrets singer will play one last show at The Aardvark on Friday before packing their bags and heading to the USA.

ZĀN’s got some great acts joining in for the final show, Ru, Nika Mo, ShyFi and GT646 featuring Scarlett Stevens will also be playing the Fremantle venue.

ZĀN is a queeristani singer, songwriter, electronic producer whose musical roots can be traced from South Asian cinema & 90s R&B.

Spending their early years in Pakistan, Japan and Perth, ZĀN’s sound evolved to encompass soul, Sufism and an uncompromising political conscience.

Last year they released the sensational debut EP Gulnaz, and they also teamed up with local electronic outfit Feels for their track Assemble.

Find all the details of the show on Facebook.

OIP Staff