Owner of Pulse Nightclub Orlando no longer plans to sell venue


The owner of Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub has revealed she no longer plans to sell the venue to the city in the wake of the horrific attack in June.

Barbara Poma, who had previously said she planned to sell the property to the City of Orlando, has released a statement that she does not feel she can let go of the space and hopes to transform Pulse into a sanctuary of hope.

“I feel a personal obligation to ensure that a permanent space at Pulse be created so that all generations to come will remember those affected by, and taken on, June 12,” Ms Poma said.

Spokesperson for the City of Orlando, Cassandra Lafser, said that local officials respect Ms Poma’s change of heart.

“[We are] hopeful the Pulse site continues to be a place of hope and healing that honors the victims,” Lafser said in a statement.

“We believe it is important for the community to have input into a memorial that honors the victims and pays tribute to the resiliency of Orlando.”

OIP Staff


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