Perth Artists Seek LGBT Couples for Film Project


Artists Michelle Faye and Jennie Feyen are looking for LGBT couples to be involved in their upcoming film project.

The film is inspired by the popular 1896 Edison Vitascope film ‘May Irwin Kiss’, and will be shot on Super 8. Participants will be required to be filmed with their loved one in their garden. Each partner is required to write a sentence to read to the other, and they will be filmed reading the sentences to one another, as well as having their reactions captured.

The resulting Super 8 montage will be displayed on a website entitled ‘Together’, alongside a collection of photographs of the participating couples alongside their sentences. The artists aim to create a positive piece of filmmaking that will combat homophobia.

If you and your partner would like to be involved in the project, contact Faye and Feyen on their Facebook page.

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