Perth drag community asks people to “Support The Court”

“If people think the venue does not support the community, let me give you some examples of the venue supporting the community.” Feminem said addressing people who were concerned about safety and security at The Court Hotel.

The local drag star shared her thoughts on the controversy surrounding The Court Hotel in a Facebook video post earlier this week.

Following extensive renovations to the longstanding venue, Perth’s local gay pub has become the favourite hangout of weekend revellers, and loyal patrons say they are now eschewing the venue as incidents of violence and homophobic behaviour grow.

Feminem says claims the venue is not supportive of the local LGBTI community are unfair.

“In the ten years that I have worked on and off there… they have supported me through employment, they have supported through sponsoring the Proud Awards – which is an LGBT event, they have recently supported me by allowing me to produce an all ages family friendly drag show – the first of its kind in Perth.”

“I’m have seen many times where they’ve supported people like the Gaymers, The Chameleons, they recently supported the Pride Sports Carnival. Yes- there are big problems surrounding safety and People’s bad behaviour, but I have seen the venue support people in the community in many many ways over the last ten years.” Feminem said.

Feminem said she didn’t have the answers to addressing the safety concerns at the venue, and it was disappointing that concerns seemed to fall on deaf ears. The high profile drag star said for LGBTI venues to survive people need to attend them regularly.

“People need to get their shit together and leave the house.” Feminem said, noting that online applications like Grindr, Uber Eats, Netflix and social media are killing bars and clubs.

Feminem, along with other well known Perth drag queens, is encouraging people to “Support The Court” by heading out to the venue’s Traffic Light Party on Friday night.

Fay Rocious, who regularly performs at the venue, said it was time for people to stop being “keyboard warriors”.

“Ya’ll keep talking about ‘reclaiming the court’ and ‘make it gay again’ well the queens of Perth are coming out this Friday to celebrate this great venue and our incredible community so let’s see if all you keyboard warriors are gonna show up! You all can talk the talk so let’s see if you can walk the walk!” Fay Rocious posted to her followers on social media.

Drag performer Sassie Cassie has also thrown her support behind the call for LGBTI people to be visible at the venue.

The Court Hotel has issued an apology for the situation and has vowed to take action.

“We are sorry to everyone who has felt uncomfortable or unsafe at the venue and we want to reassure you all that we will work hard to stamp out this behaviour immediately. Please work with us to identify these people and let us deal with them.” The Court’s management team posted to Facebook.

The apology comes alongside a commitment to increase security at the venue, have dedicated staff monitoring inappropriate behaviour and a bold new paint job that clearly marks the pub as an LGBTI friendly venue.

OIP Staff