Perth singer shares bullying experience on The Voice

Fullscreen capture 1072015 112552 AMUK-born John was representing Perth last night and he took the stage during bling auditions for the current season of Channel 9’s ‘The Voice’.

Josh bravely shared his personal story during his introductory video. He spoke of moving to Australia and how bullying has affected him and shaped the person he has become.

“I moved to Western Australia when I was 11. Growing up here was… interesting to say the least. It’s not easy being different. It’s not the easiest thing when you’re first trying to settle in to a new school; to stand out like a sore thumb, to be the only person who is gay, to be the only person with ginger hair. I was doing dance, I was doing drama and all the other guys were doing football and doing sport so I was bullied from quite a young age.”

His mother showed support for her son and recalled just how tough it had been.

“It was a nightmare. A complete nightmare. We’d get kids kicking the garage door in, throwing things at the window, spraying the driveway… but he overcame it. It made him a stronger person. It made us a stronger family.” said Josh’s mother.

“It was difficult and it was really, really tough,” Josh adds, “I overcame it, and I’m here and I wouldn’t change it for the world because without those experiences… I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.”

The 24 year old performed a powerful rendition of a soulful classic, ‘Feeling Good’, first made famous by Nina Simone. Unfortunately, Josh was not chosen, though he received high praise from the judges and vocal tips from Ms Jessie J.

OIP Staff

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