Perth’s Brendan Pang exits the ‘MasterChef’ kitchen

Perth’s Brendan Pang has exited the MasterChef kitchen after failing to impress the judges on the latest knock out round of the reality cooking show.

Sunday night’s elimination final saw contestants challenged to name different foods while blindfolded. Each food was cut into a 1-inch cube and Pang stumbled when he confused a lime with pomelo. The mistake saw him in a cook-off challenge against Reynold, Emilia and Tessa.

The challenge was to cook a dish that balanced sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami flavours. At first he opted for a dumpling dish realising it wouldn’t meet the brief, Pang put together a dish of noodles and seafood. Sadly his creation failed to impress the judges who sent him packing. It was an emotional exit for the Perth based chef who held back the tears during the final moments of the show.

There are just seven contestants left in the ‘Back to Win’ series which has seen the show taken over by new judges, with the contestants all hailing from previous series of the show.

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