Peter Dutton slammed for his stance against diversity events

Peter Dutton

Defence Minister Peter Dutton has been criticised over his crackdown on events that celebrate diversity.

Following events that marked International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT), Minister Dutton ordered defence force chiefs to ensure their are no future events that suggest people wear particular clothing to show support for marginalised groups.

Union leader Brooke Muscat dubbed Dutton the “Minister for Culture Wars” after he made his announcement.

“If having a morning tea for reconciliation week, international women’s day or international day against homophobia is stopping our national security efforts, then we have a real problem,” the Community and Public Sector Union deputy national president, Brooke Muscat said speaking to The Guardian.

“This has Peter Dutton written all over it, the federal minister for culture wars.”

Rodney Croome from LGBTI rights organisation Just.equal said the Minister would be better off ensuring the defence forces were prepared for actual wars.

“Mr Dutton has ordered the ADF to fight his phoney culture war, when it should be preparing to defend Australia in actual wars.” Croome said.

“Affirming diversity in the ADF, as in any organisation, is good for recruitment, retention, morale and productivity.”

Just.equal said Minister Dutton was falling short in his ministerial responsibilities by imposing his views across the army, navy and air force.

“By imposing his own narrow, personal, anti-diversity values on the ADF, Peter Dutton is undermining the organisation and betraying his duty as minister.

“In 2017 Mr Dutton told business CEOs who publicly supported marriage equality to “stop throwing their weight around” and “stick to their knitting”?

“It seems that advice doesn’t apply to him.” Croome said.

Yesterday Minister Dutton confirmed his directive to The Age newspaper, telling them he was against discrimination but was on a mission to stamp out a ‘woke agenda’ within the armed forces.

“I’ve been very clear to the chiefs that I will not tolerate discrimination. But we are not pursuing a woke agenda,” Mr Dutton told Nine. “Our task is to build up the morale in the Australian Defence Force and these woke agendas don’t help.”

Following the Minister’s edict, a note was sent to all military personnel saying that the defence forces must at all times be focused on a primary mission to protect Australia’s national security interests and must not be putting effort into matters that distract from this central goal.

“Peter Dutton is a warmonger” says Senator Kristina Keneally

Labor Senator Kristina Keneally has described the Defence Minister as a “warmonger”.

“The Australian Defence Forces personnel are drawn from the Australian community, which is diverse,” she said. “One of the great things about Australia is that we celebrate our multiculturalism and diversity, and I applauded the ADF for doing so.” Senator Keneally told the ABC on Satuday.

“I will say this, Peter Dutton is a warmonger. He is a warmonger, and whether it comes to picking fights with countries in our region, pitching culture war fights, Peter Dutton likes to be a warmonger, and frankly he is the wrong person for the defence minister portfolio.

“Some of our best defence ministers – think of Kim Beazley – have understood that a defence minister is not about starting wars, it is about finding peace.” Senator Keneally said.

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