PM Scott Morrison believes transgender teens affected by identity politics

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he believes transgender youth have more mental health challenges because of ‘identity politics’.

“The tragedy of youth suicide is all too common in Australia, particularly amongst younger Australians working through their identity and the pressures of identity politics,” Morrison said in response to criticism of his approach towards transgender youth.

The Prime Minister was speaking to reporters and responding to criticism of his previous comments about transgender youth from actor and transgender rights advocate Georgie Stone.

Stone, who stars in the TV show Neighbours was named as anew ambassador for youth mental health organisation Headspace earlier in the week.

Stone, who is 19 and transgender, said the Prime Minister’s comments last year that referred to “gender whisperers” were “very disappointing”. Stone said the PM was contributing to the ongoing stigma and poor mental health of young transgender people.

“It’s ironic that his government are committed to eradicating mental illness and yet they perpetuate those same mindsets and ideals that are the reason that the statistics are so horrible,” Ms Stone said.

“If they actually want to do what they’re setting out to do, they need to look at themselves and their own attitudes and see what the message is that they are promoting and the effects that’s having.” Stone told The Age

Stone said she hoped she would get to sit down with the Prime Minister and share what she had learned about mental health and transgender issues at some point.

Sally Goldner from Transgender Victoria said the Prime Minister’s comments were n ot appropriate in the modern discourse.

“They also typify his patronising attitude to young people generally and his attitudes to trans and gender diverse people of all ages,” she said.

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