Pride Memories: The world before Grindr

Western Australia’s LGBTIQ community organisation Pride WA is celebrating their 25th anniversary.

The ‘Silver City’ themed PrideFEST began last night and there’s a stack of event running over the next sixteen days. The highlight will be the Pride Parade through the streets of Northbridge in a week’s time.

We asked a bunch of people for their favourite Pride memory. This one is from dancefloor commander DJ Timbee.

DJ Timbee

My earliest memory was the mid-year pride parties called ‘Exes’. I was an 18-year-old twink and I lived for the DJs and the lights. Pride used to be the place we all hung out before the online space took over and community was able to be created in multiple other forms.

Have you got a favourite memory of the Pride Festival’s 25 year history? Share it with us at [email protected] 

OIP Staff

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