Queer to Air: a podcast created by young LGBTIQ+ people

Queer to Air is a podcast created by The Freedom Centre. Released during Pridefest 2018, over 20 young people came together to share their experiences of being LGBTIQ+.

Discussion topics include coming out, body image, relationships, seeking help and transitioning. They also interviewed some key services in our community so young people know what services are out there if they need to reach out for help.

The OUTinPerth team worked with the presenters on interviewing techniques and sat in on all their recording sessions.

Here’s all the episodes in the series.

Episode 1: Perth youth share their experiences of coming out to family

In this episode Bryan, Jay, Lewis and Tephy chat about their personal experiences of coming out to family members.

Episode 2: Perth LGBTIQ+ youth talk body image and masculinity 

Lewis, Jacob and Max chat about a masculine perspective on body image in the first of two episodes on this topic.

Episode 3:  ‘Queer to Air’ explores mental health organisation Headspace

Freedom Centre coordinator Bryan Stewart chats to Annabeth Bateman from mental health organisation Headspace. Annabeth outlines what services Headspace provides for young people in the area of mental health.

Episode 4: How do you go about coming out to friends?

The team tackle the topic of how you go about coming out to friends and telling them about your gender identity or sexuality. Joining the discussion is Bryan, Raphael and Jay, who shares their personal experiences, and offer some strategies for how you might go about sharing info with your mates.

Episode 5: When coping strategies go wrong

This episode looks at when coping strategies go wrong. Lewis, Chase and Max share their personal experiences of how they have tried to reduce stress in their lives.

Episode 6: Positive coping strategies

This episode focuses on developing good coping strategies, with Avery, Jay and Belinda kicking off the conversation by looking into how sport and exercise can be an important part of self-care.

Episode 7: FInd out more about counselling service Q-Life

This episode finds out more about counselling service QLife. Bryan Stewart chats to Jaini about the national LGBTIQ telephone and online counselling service.

Episode 8: Talking about relationships

The latest episode sees the participants chatting about relationships. Joining the Freedom Centre coordinator Bryan Stewart is Ollie, Jay and Claire. “Relationships are a huge part of our lives..but sometimes they can be a bit trickier to negotiate when you’re a young LGBTI person.” Bryan said during the show’s introduction.

Episode 9: A deeper look into coming Out to friends
This episode picks up on a discussion from an earlier episode, how do you go about coming out to friends? In the studio this time is Freedom Centre coordinator Bryan Stewart, who is joined by 21 year old Elanor.

Episode 10: Find out about The Freedom Centre
this episode the focus is on what services the Freedom Centre offers to young people. On the panel for this episode is Bryan, Claire, Raphael and Leon. If you’ve ever wondered how you go about getting involved with the Freedom Centre, how old you need to be and what the rules are, here’s your chance to have all your questions answered.

Episode 11: Living with a disability
In this episode the team look at the experiences of people who have a disability and identify as LGBTIQ+. In today’s discussion is Ollie, Natalia and Max.

Episode 12: Feminity and body image
In his episode the discussion centres around body image and femininity. Previously the team discussed body image from a perspective of masculinity, now Elanor, Claire and Hannah share their perspective.

Episode 13: Find out more abour Transfolk of WA
In this episode Transfolk of WA are featured with guests Emery and Kelsey.

Episode 14: Coming out now versus then with Finch
Finch chats to Bryan and Raphael. Finch, who is in his mid-70s talks about his experiences of being gay.

Episode 15: Coming out now versus then with Julie
In this episode Julie shares her experiences with Claire and Michelle. Julie shares her journey in the LGBTI world since she first came out over fifty years ago.

Episode 16: Maintaining risk factors for good mental health
In this episode Bryan, Chase, Avery and Lewis chat about how you develop strategies against risk factors in your mental health. The panel discuss their own experiences in managing mental health and things that have worked for them.

Episode 17: Labels for sexuality
In this episode Bryan, Chase, Claire and Jacob chat about the different labels we use to describe our gender and sexuality.