Rainbow Futures WA: New advocacy group to host information session

A newly formed LGBTQIA+ advocacy group are holding an information session this weekend to introduce themselves to the community.

Rainbow Futures WA has grown out of a series of community gatherings and events, bringing together members of LGBTQIA+  groups and individuals around the state with a shared mission to ensure the long term viability of WA based services and organisations.

The group’s first official steering committee includes a number of active and well-known local LGBTQIA+ advocates and community members; Emery Wishart, Misty Farquhar, Bella Broadway, Paul Benson, Michelle Hunter, Deborah Costello, Kai Schweizer, Sarah Collins and Gayatrii Surendorff.

“The recent comments by Lord Mayor of Perth Basil Zempilas are a timely reminder that the fight for equal rights and equal dignity is far from over,” interim Chairperson Misty Farquhar said.

“WA has a vibrant LGBTIQA+ community full of talented, dedicated people in a myriad organisations, many of whom are doing a fantastic job with few resources. Our community, however can’t reach its potential without a coordinated and consistent approach from the Government. There are currently too many vulnerable people slipping through the cracks.

“In the year 2020, it should not be legal to sack a teacher for being bi or expel a student for being trans. It should not be legal to deny help to someone in crisis because of their gender identity or sexuality, or force someone to undergo conversion practices the United Nations describes as torture. But this is legal in WA today. All political parties need to acknowledge this and commit to putting an end to this discrimination. ”

The information session will be looking back on the work that has been done to improve the lives of LGBTQIA+ folks in WA, as well as discussing what current issues and discrimination our communities face, and what action needs to be taken moving forward.

The session comes as we celebrate PrideFEST here in WA, and with a state election just around the corner in 2021.

The event is open to all, and LGBTQIA+ people and allies are encouraged to attend to gain a better understanding of the state of LGBTQIA+ advocacy in WA, and have their say about what’s on the horizon.

Rainbow Futures WA’s Community Information Session will be held on Sunday 22nd November from 2pm at Wembley Community Center.

There is no cost to attend but registrations are essential. To register, head to Eventbrite.

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