Rainbow Futures WA release LGBTQIA+ scorecard ahead of election

Local LGBTQIA+ advocacy group Rainbow Futures WA have teamed up with their national peers at Equality Australia to examine the results of their community survey ahead of this weekend’s election.

The majority of all respondents said all government services need to do better when dealing with LGBTQIA+ people, but police, aged care and education topped the list of services most in need of improvement.

Rainbow Futures WA and Equality Australia sought responses on the big issues from the seven parties most likely to hold seats after the election. This week the two groups have released a scorecard focusing on six policy areas that are on the agenda for LGBTQIA+ voters and allies, with responses from WA Labor, WA Liberals, The Greens and The Nationals.

“LGBTIQ+ people and our allies told us that ending conversion practices and strengthening discrimination protections were top priorities, as were equal rights and protections for people born with intersex variations, trans and gender diverse people, and gay dads with children born through surrogacy,” says Equality Australia CEO Anna Brown.

“While our community has received some commitments, it’s going to take the whole parliament to ensure LGBTIQ+ people and their families are not left behind.”

“Before you head to the voting booths on Saturday, find out where the parties stand on LGBTIQ+ issues by going to equalityaustralia.org.au/WAElection.

“Whatever the WA Parliament looks like on Sunday, we have to work together to make it deliver for LGBTIQ+ people and their families. Make sure you sign up to updates from Equality Australia and Rainbow Futures WA to make the next WA Parliament work for all of us.”

Rainbow Futures WA have also laid out their plans for what they’ll be looking for from WA’s next parliament. The advocacy group have distilled the results of their survey into five principles they’ll expect to be upheld over the next term; Alleviate harm, walk the talk, plan together, build capacity and embrace diversity.

These results also include the first response from the WA Liberals on LGBTQIA+ issues ahead of the election, with leader Zac Kirkup responding to Rainbow Futures WA.

“The Liberal Party of Western Australia believes in justice and equity for all Western Australians and is opposed to any form of discrimination that would deny that to one part of our community,” Kirkup wrote.

“As a party, we strive to achieve a just society which recognises the innate worth of all individuals, provides equality of opportunity, and where all our citizens have equal access to services and rights under the law.”

In his letter, Kirkup outlined that the WA Liberals had no position on five of the six issues addressed in Rainbow Futures WA’s questions, suggesting in principle support for a whole-of-government strategy for LGBTQIA+ service provision.

WA Greens and The Nationals submitted their responses to LGBTQIA+ advocates earlier in the campaign, while WA Labor responded just this week.

WA goes to the polls tomorrow, Saturday 13th March.

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