Fringe World spins into action with over 700 shows

fringe world barbu

It’s that time of year again! Fringe World takes over Western Australia for four weeks starting tomorrow with over 700 shows from the wacky to the wonderful and all sort of antics that are sure to wow audiences across the state.

Festival Director Amber Hasler welcomed media to the Pleasure Gardens (a beautifully transformed Russell Square) this morning for a little taste of the smorgasbord on offer at the world’s third-largest Fringe festival.

The Canadian circus champions and bearded fellows at Barbu launched the celebrations in most fabulous style, with one performer spinning onto stage dressed as a human disco ball. The all-around handsome troupe showed off their talents with shocking feats of strength, acrobatics and finesse that sets the bar for what to expect at Fringe World this year.

To cool off, New South Wales diva Uta Uber Kool Ja welcomed guests into her hotel room for an after party. The has-been waxed lyrical about her re-brand of a re-brand, sipping on champagne as she luxuriated on her queen bed and encouraged everyone to join in the fun.

Hometown heroes Kinetica also appeared, flexing their… well, flexibility in an incredible show of skill. After two awe-inspiring performances last year, the impossible circus troupe will knock your jaw to the floor with three unique shows in 2017. Circus 9 to 5 forces Kinetica’s junior troupe to confront the horrors of getting a “real” job, while the stalwarts clash and entwine through close encounters in Interplay.

The magnificent monarch herself, BarbieQ, will also join the gang for a sequel to last year’s smash hit: Sinsuality – a glorious visual exploration of the seven deadly sins.

Get into the spirit of Fringe World from Friday January 20th – Sunday February 19th at venues across the state. For more information, head to and stay tuned to OUTinPerth for reviews, our picks and much more!

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