Research reveals power of pets in connecting LGBTQIA+ communities

Surprisingly adorable research released during Sydney WorldPride outlines the unique bond LGBTQIA+ communities have with our pets.

Commissioned by pet sitting company Mad Paws, the data lays out some quantifiable insights on our four-legged friends.

The data revealed that LGBTQIA+ folks are more likely to own a pet, at 73% as opposed to 65% among non-queer groups.

53% of respondents also say their pet helped them feel more connected to community, mitigating concerns they would not be accepted due to sexuality or gender.

49% of those surveyed also said their pet helped them to form new friendships, with 18% also finding some assistance in securing a date – thanks to their animal pal.

The launch of the research was celebrated with a #WalkWithPride event around Sydney’s Rushcutters Bay Park, with a special appearance from drag favourite Carla From Bankstown.

Pictured: Minnie and her owner Abigail Harley; Josh and Alex with big baby Sampson

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