Christian Democrat Rev Dr David Kim concerned after receiving death threats

The Reverend Dr David Kim, an aspiring politician in the Australian Capital Territory, has raised concern after political signs advertising his opposition to the Safe Schools Coalition were vandalised.

Rev Dr Kim, who has previously ran for office as a representative of Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic Party, alerted police after the majority of signs he posted around Canberra were removed.

Fred Nile’s Christian Democrats had erected 30 signs as part of their campaign against the program, but only 8 remained.

One of the signs which was in Rev Dr Kim’s front garden reportedly had “All Bigots Must Die” written across the back of the cor-flute advertisement.

Speaking to The Canberra Times Rev Dr Kim said people had gone too far by destroying his posters and had “crossed a line”. He said the action had scared his three children.

“It is a message. If I do keep going they may do more actions as they know my address.” Rev Dr Kim told the newspaper.

“These things are still under the surface. Police need to know those groups are becoming more violent. I’m quite happy to discuss or debate, but this kind of action should not be accepted anywhere.”

Rev Dr Kim is a long standing opponent of LGBT people, he has previously said that marriage equality should not be allowed in Australia because there are not enough same sex attracted people to make it worthwhile.

The Christian Democrat member has also argued that same sex couples should not be allowed to get married as it would be confusing to children from more traditional family structures.

Earlier this year the religious academic called for LGBT people who were HIV positive to be excluded from receiving government assisted health treatment.

Rev Dr Kim argued that by making same-sex attracted people who have HIV pay for their own medication and treatment it would help stop more people getting the virus. In April the religious leader said that gay sex should be stopped to improve the nation’s health budget, and “ordinary people” would miss out health care because priority was being given to people living with HIV.

Rev Dr Kim has also stated his belief that children who are responsible for bullying in schools come from unstable, broken homes and installing more Chaplains in schools would be a better alternative to the Safe Schools program.

The Christian Democrat member has also made disparaging comments about transgender people including saying; “a chicken can not be a duck.”

Lyle Shelton, the head of the Australian Christian Lobby, has called on leaders within the LGBTIQ political movement to do more to stop threats like the one received by the Reverend Dr David Kim.

“It is not bigotry or hatred to participate respectfully in the political debate about redefining marriage and gender.” Shelton said, declaring that words like “bigot” and “hater” were unreasonable descriptors.

“The leaders of the LGBTIQ political movement need to publicly condemn the violent tactics increasingly deployed by many of their followers,” Shelton said.

The political lobbyist said there was a growing number of incidents that were of concern, including an explosion outside his organisation’s office in December.

Shelton described the December explosion as a “bombing”, while police have referenced to the incident as an explosion and declared there was no political motivation behind the incident. A man is currently before the courts charged with arson and damage.

The ACL leader also highlighted an incident in Melbourne last month where protesters blocked supporters of his organisation attending a meeting.

Graeme Watson

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