Review | A History of Drinking

A History of DrinkingYou walk in to Jeffrey Jay Fowler sprawled out on the floor. Surrounding him: Chairs for customers to sit, and a fully stocked bar.

You don’t know it yet, but Fowler is your bartender for the night, a cocktail list is there waiting for you, and answering quiz questions will score you a drink.

The drinks vary from mixed shooters to Long Island Iced Tea, Espresso Martini to milk and a cookie. It’s not just drinks you’re getting though – with every drink comes either a fable, a detailed history of the drink he’s serving you, or a perfectly executed scene.

Answering a question with an audible ‘BING!’ scored me a Budweiser and a detailed account of the prohibition of alcohol in the US, another customer ordering a Bloody Mary ensued a scene that (without giving too much away) left your hairs standing on end.

Depending on the order in which the drinks are ordered, each night is completely different, it would be fair to say that you could attend to different nights and witness a completely different show.

Running a sell out season in 2009, Fowler is older, wiser and an even better performer than before.

We loved it, you’ll love it. You can grab your tickets from the Fringeworld website or box office.

Nadine Walker

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