Review | Betty Grumble makes a rumble with LOVE & ANGER

LOVE & ANGER | The Shambles | til Feb 11th | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Betty Grumble is a Fringe World breakout star and her most recent show LOVE & ANGER is a triumph in all things groovy, grotesque and grumble. Coming off last year’s Award Winning Cabaret Betty Grumble: Sex Clown Saves the World, Grumble has proven that she has more to offer in her brand new show LOVE & ANGER (including a couple of favourites from last time she set foot at Perth Fringe Festival).

Unable to see Sex Clown Saves The World, I was salivating to see LOVE & ANGER. Breaking my Grumble virginity, I didn’t leave with just my thirst quenched, I left completely drenched and eager for another bucket full of Betty.

The tone of the show is set without any pussy-footing around as Grumble sings a duet with a long time friend leaving the audiences jaws gaped open, ready to take in the confronting comedy, sexual freedom, and colourful costuming (or lack there of) of this obscene beauty queen.

Grumble takes passages from the book SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas and draws the audience into her world of eco-feminism through the art of song, dance, burlesque, lip-sync, slam poetry, pop art and yoga.

One thing I found surprising was Grumble’s athleticism and stamina, literally running up and down the isle after a heavy dance workout only to go into another act. Luckily a vase of flowers at the back of the stage helped with keeping Grumble hydrated in this sweltering Perth summer.

LOVE & ANGER sees a more vulnerable side of Grumble, she goes from showing her bare bottom to her bare soul as she talks about her relationships with her family and lets the audience see just a peak of the woman behind the… ahh, Grumble.

Betty Grumble is a true artist that pushes the idea of feminism to a place of entertainment and understanding. The show, though shocking, has a warm and inviting charm to it. Betty’s passion for her art radiates the room and even though you’ve just spent an hour essentially watching a naked woman explore the ideas of feminism while she covers herself in paint and dances, you can’t help but leave feeling enlightened, inspired and smiling from ear to ear.

Make sure to get your tickets and see why this surreal showgurl won last years Best Cabaret Award, Betty Grumble is definitely an experience not to be missed.
Betty Grumble is still saving the world until Sunday February 11th. Tickets and more info available from

Pippa Toia-Johnston / Perri Prism

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