Review | Clara Cupcakes puts a lot of love into being The Worst

Clara Cupcakes: The Worst | The Deluxe | til Feb 25th | ★ ★ ★ ½ 

Clara Cupcakes’ The Worst draws from the pain of a failed relationship, and guides the audience through the inevitable bad decisions that many of us are doomed to make.

This charming comedy show looks through the lens of Clara the Octopus, video game mascot and self-proclaimed Queen of Seaburbia, and gives a loving ride through 8-bit nostalgia.

The character of Clara suits the show and its themes well, as the quirky octopus and her absurd decision making allows performer Elly Squire to mine the video game genre for laughs and genuine pathos.

Lovers of NES-era gaming will find bountiful nods to tropes like mascot characters, annoying sidekicks, invisible walls, ridiculous cheat-codes and many more. These little touches show that a lot of thought and love was put into its inception.

Expect comedic burlesque, ukelele segues, bad puns, audience participation, and a messy, loud and genuinely amusing tale from the high-energy, highly emotional Clara, and she will give you a hug after the show, even if you tell your friends it was The Worst.

Catch Clara Cupcakes being The Worst at Fringe World until February 25th. Tickets and more information available from

Samuel Joynt

Image credit:- 42nd Street Photography

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