REVIEW: Dark Matter


Dark Matter | WA Speigeltent | Feb 1 | ★ ★ ★ 

Local circus performance troupe Kinetica are well known around Perth circles for their talent, which is on full display in their latest Fringe World show, ‘Dark Matter’: A moody, ethereal circus show filled with incredible feats of physical prowess and control.

‘Dark Matter’ excels in setting a mood throughout the performance, transporting the speigeltent to a mystical realm of stark contrasting light and wondrous imagery. Performers are silhouetted by the backlight casting great shadows and enveloping the artists in a halo of light as they twist and move around the stage and in the air.

The performance mostly features aerial performances, with the artists swinging from ropes, sheets, netting and each other to create shapes, strike awe into audiences and make you wish you went to the gym more often – or at all. The artists all share a wonderful synergy that ensures the feats flow smoothly into the next, proving Kinetica are well-honed performers.

The aerial acrobatics did become a little repetetive at times, with different performers carrying out similar acrobatics using a different apparatus – though this hardly diminishes their skills, as each feat was significantly impressive in its own right.

‘Dark Matter’ closes  Monday 1st February in the West Australian Speigeltent. Tickets available from

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