Review: Debrief of Briefs!


Here’s my disclaimer. I’ve seen ‘Briefs: The Second Coming before’. My truth is it’s addictive. The troupe returned to Fringe World in 2014 after their successful first show ‘Briefs: All Male, All Vaudeville, All Trash’ and now the boys are back again with a refreshed version of ‘The Second Coming’ that isn’t just good but is undoubtedly better than it was last year.

I’ll be the first to admit that the prospect of seeing seven attractive men performing in next to nothing is enticing but it’s not why this fringe show is so successful. The ‘Briefs’ boys consisting of Fez Fa’anana, Mark ‘Captain Kidd’ Winmill, Dallas Dellaforce, Evil Hate Monkey, WA boy Louis Biggs and fresh faces Thomas Worrell and  Lachy Shelley have created a community who religiously return for more. Maybe the appeal is the boys’ bananas, I know with the show being completely sold out ticket holders can make their friends “jealoussssss” but for me the show works so well because the wit, charm and talent pours out from the stage infectiously into the audience and at times all over their faces.

‘Briefs’ is vastly becoming fringe-goers’ crack, likely because they offer so much of it (of the butt variety not the drug). Standing in line waiting to enter The West Australian Spiegeltent in The Pleasure Garden two ladies shared with me that they too had seen the show last year. In fact I consistently overheard conversations from patrons exclaiming that they’d been before as well. After the opening number, bearded lady and ringmaster Fez gauged “repeat offenders” asking who had seen ‘Briefs’ the year before and the audience roared, the show’s addicts far outweighed those trying it out for the first time but all were drunk in anticipation for what was to come.

‘The Second Coming’ gladly included favourite acts from last year, Dallas’ hilarious drag numbers, Louis’ cheeky hat juggling, the Evil Hate Monkey’s banana antics and Captain Kidd’s stunning finale that leaves you wet in the pants. What I enjoyed the most was new-comer Thomas Worrell, not only providing a fresh aerial hoop act early on in the show but a definitively different personality that slots into this family of misfits.

When I think about a fringe show I focus on its overall entertainment value. Sure the boys’ circus acts in ‘The Second Coming’ weren’t as polished as Cirque Du Soleil but nor should they be, because that’s not entirely what they are offering (I can guarantee that won’t find scat jokes from Cirque Du Soleil…) Nevertheless what you get from ‘The Second Coming’ is thorough enjoyment, laughs, eye candy and jaw dropping talent.

For those who were proactive enough to nab tickets early and want to know what to expect heed this advice. Expect the unexpected, don’t shield your eyes at a little nudity, free your mind for a good time, prepare yourself to feel uncomfortable and know that’s all part of the fun and look forward to making some new friends because you’re joining a unique community of addicts.

Briefs: The Second Coming is sold out but you can still meet the boys and experience their antics at Club Briefs, a late night romp of circus, variety and burlesque. Tickets at

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