Review | Kings of Boylesque was face-hurting-fabulous and bloody brilliant

Kings of Boylesque | Connections Nightclub | Until 25 Jan | ★ ★ ★ ★ 

As an avid theatre-goer but new to Boylesque, my shy heart was excited but a little nervous…

My first raise was the stirring lights and climbing bass that beamed through our every front-row seat. My naïve eyes thought, how many ways can you really do it? Before I was put in my place… The personalities pierced through definite and unflinching in their starting number, be it dissimilar from a-z in a six man layout.

The eccentric and charismatic Karl Kayoss meets us, ever so honest, as he eases us into the passage. Karl dares, “You’re going to see some things you never knew you wanted to see.” And he wasn’t wrong… Once you see it…

Each act roamed fresh and unique to the other, unblemished by the crowd on a Tuesday night, absolutely screaming and wooing in collaboration. The performers danced through unspoken twists and interaction, letting you in on the best of life.

The lights satisfyingly in-sync and the songs bigger than you’ve ever heard them on your own devices. All flavors of visuals among it; I was flabbergasted, yes, flabbergasted, mostly by the overqualified-for-existence skills that pranced before me. The art of moves one couldn’t even dream up dripped in volume; such expression in such sparkles.

On all things hot, might I add, the aircon is your best friend in this high temperature season; I’d actually recommend a jacket and probably front row seats just to invite a cuddle.

You can’t put a price on love, I mean experience… but hands down, give me all your money, the $20 show ticket doesn’t begin to do justice to the talent.

You can only imagine the rehearsals to get the craft of it. It was dazzling, hilarious, exhilarating, face-hurting-fabulous and bloody brilliant.

Round up the troops and book your tickets if you know what’s good.

Tickets for Kings of Boylesque are on sale now. 

Talia Hart is a musician and actor from The Actor’s Hub collective. She is most passionate about humanity’s ability to inspire change through the art of storytelling and movement.

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