Review | ‘YAAAS KWEEN’ a fun night out for sketch comedy fans

YAAAS KWEEN | Girls School | til Feb 13 | ★ ★ ★

YAAAS KWEEN could be called the modern D Generation. I’d have a fair guess many of the participants met at university. I’d make another bet that some of them are Monty Python fans. The whole show is a series of comedy skits. The content is heavily feminist and anti-racist. Most of the audience were young adults who enjoyed the show immensely, responding with laughter throughout the whole show.

The emphasis here isn’t on great acting or pristine comedy writing. Some of the writing is rough, the acting is average, but neither of these things are the point of the show. It’s a group of young, progressive people, with a sense of humour, who want to poke fun at the culture they’ve had handed to them by older generations. The entire cast are extraverted and entertaining.

They’re not afraid to provoke reactions. They’ve created some blunt, ironic and exaggerated characters to prove a few points. One skit portrays a couple in the Ku Klux Klan. Unfortunately, white supremacists have become a pressing modern issue. With American politics and culture influencing Australian culture, there is a smattering of influence throughout the show. And just to satisfy many a lefty’s wet dream, Donald Trump dies. Another skit portrays an office meeting for the all-male sex toy company who do not want a woman working on their team. They do not understand why women aren’t buying their new vibrator and they’ve hired a woman to help out, a woman who they don’t want to listen to. The social commentary is clear and easy to understand.

They also tackle homophobia with numerous references for the LGBTQI+ community. Issues such as student debt, working conditions, diversity and the gender wage gap get mentions.

With so many skits, there’s a lot of scene changes and costume changes. They’ve done a fantastic job to make it look effortless. There has been to a lot of smart choices to achieve this.

Overall, it was a light-hearted, fun night out.

Catch YAAAS KWEEN on Saturday 13th February. For tickets and more information, head to

Halimah Halse is currently freelance writer and marriage celebrant. She has been involved in the arts, politics and LGBTQI+ communities for many years.

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