Rising pop star Cody Jon is ‘dirty dancing’ with Charley on new track

Eora-based burgeoning pop star Cody Jon returns his latest single dirty dancing (ft. Charley), out now via Saint Lucky Records.

Since bursting onto the scene with Becky’s Plan, Cody Jon introduced the world to his nostaglia loaded mish-mash – having grown up through the 2010s, raised on the music of the 80s, inspired by the hits of the 90s and the visual aesthetic of the 2000s, Cody likes to make bedroom music big!

Featuring the bubbly vocals from fierce collaborator Charley, Cody shares that the track is a “true story about my first night out; met someone, we absolutely burnt up the dance floor, the next week we ran into each other three times in completely different locations.”

“It was awesome. Charley, Oscar and I wrote this track a few days later, it naturally became a duet with Charley singing the other perspective. Definitely one of my favourites”.

He elaborates, explaining “I always start with the beat first and go from there, with this one I wanted something lazy and wompy that you could still dance to.”

dirty dancing ft. Charley is out now.

Image: Sean Higgins

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