Romantic comedy series ‘Feel Good’ returns for a second season

Feel Good

The second season of romantic comedy series Feel Good has arrived on Netflix. The show featuring comedian Mae Martin and former Call the Midwife star Charlotte Ritchie, picks up the action where it left off at the end of the last season – Mae and George have split up.

The series begins with Mae back in Canada with their parents dropping them off at a rehab facility, while George is left heartbroken back in Manchester, while also having to deal with odd housemate Phil.

Some of the best characters from the first season return, including Lisa Kudrow as Mae’s dominating mother Linda. Anthony Head and Pippa Haywood are back as George’s parents, and Jordan Stephen’s from UK hip-hop outfit Rizzle Kicks joins as new character Elliot.

The series also follows Mae as they confront their abusive past, and begins to get the the root of the incidents that spurned many years of bad behaviour and substance abuse.

Sadly Netflix have announced the second season will be bringing the show to a close, with no plans to return to the George and Mae’s journey in the future.

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