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Rottnest Island is one of Western Australia’s famous top destinations to travel. It has a rich history where it served as a prison and military base, but it is well known for its unique animals, flora and fauna and the beaches. It’s a popular destination for school leavers, music festivals such as Castaway and tourists.

Under a hazy morning, I went to B Shed Ferry Terminal to catch a trip to Rottnest for the day. Besides ferries, you can travel to the island via plane and boats, but ferries are the cheapest and easiest way to get to the island. Rottnest Ferries and Rottnest Express offers travels to the island.

osprey_nest_rottnestAs soon as I arrived, I went to the information booth to grab a ticket for a bus tour of the island, namely Island Explorer, which costs around $20 for adults. The bus offers to stop at the island’s attraction, I stayed and let the driver speak of the island. The Island Explorer bus is one of the options to do if you are strapped for time though I do heavily recommend to take a longer stay on the island to do a proper exploration. The best way to get around the island is to travel by bicycle and take walks in their nature trails.

One of my favourite things I saw on the island was the osprey nest. I found the nest fascinating because of the way it perches on an isolated rock, away from destructive forces of nature.

In the town, there are a couple of shops and restaurants to try out. Rottnest General Stores where you can purchase souvenirs and supplies in the vicinity. Rottnest Bakery offers fresh bread and pastries daily that are worth it.aristos_seafood_platter

Aristos Waterfront offers beachside views whilst eating seafood platter. Dome Cafe near Aristos for an afternoon coffee. Subway, Simmo’s Ice Cream, The Lane, Quokka Joe’s and Riva Restaurant are the other choices to dine in beside Dome and Aristos.  If you are looking for bars, Riva Restaurant and Governor’s Bar are your options on the island.

There are plenty of accommodations in the island. Hotel Rottnest, Karma Rottnest, Campgrounds and Rottnest Hostels are your options if you are staying on the island. They have a range of prices to accommodate every tourist’s budget.

Whilst I enjoyed my stay at the island, I find that the island lacks LGBT venues as these places suit every tourist on the island. It’s a nice break from the busyness of Perth and offers a much quieter, peaceful scenery.

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