Ruck Rover celebrate their first decade

Ruck Rover

Local store Ruck Rover are celebrating their 10th anniversary. The shop filled with stylish fashions, quirky gifts and the unexpected first opened back in 2006.

After many years in Mount Lawley the shop moved to it’s current home on William Street in Northbridge in four years ago.

Sisters Claire and Isabelle Trolio said it felt like it was only yesterday that they first opened the doors of their business.

“It feels like yesterday we were painting the walls of the store in Mt Lawley blue, and Isabelle was up on the scaffolding painting all the pipes red.” Claire reflected, “I does seem like only yesterday.”

Isabelle said the motivation for opening a shop came from a desire for a change in career and lifestyle.

“I was working in hospitality and I was sick of being dirty at work, I just liked the idea of retail. I’d never worked in retail before, but the idea of wearing nice clothes to work was really appealing.”

When the duo decided to open their shop Claire was still at University and working in a few retail positions but loved the idea of doing something with her sibling.

Working out what items customers would like to buy has been a process of trial and error for Claire and Isabelle who admit that sometimes they’re surprised by which items fly off the shelves.

“We once saw these bags and t-shirts that we were obsessed with, they had a wood grain pattern.” Isabelle said.

‘I still love them!” Claire chimes in.

“They were these little satchels and t-shirts that came in light brown and dark brown and no-one bought them.” Isabelle said. “We loved them but nobody else did. We refused to put them on sale and it took two years to sell them all.”

While the wood grain patterned bags and t-shirts didn’t find an immediate audience, the sister reveal that there are other items that are eternally popular.

“We sell plush organs, bodily organs.” Claire said. “There’s teeth, eyes, their a uterus, a kidney and a heart. We’ve has them for 10 years, we continue to stock them, people keep buying them, it makes me really happy because it’s something we found right back at the beginning.”

While big chain stores keep opening up in the centre of every city, small retailers like Ruck Rover offer an alternative, stocking many obscure and unique items.

Claire told OUTinPerth that nowadays it’s actually much easier for the store to source unique items because now they are established independent producers are approaching them and asking to be stocked.

“We hear from creative people from across Australia and around the world. It was a lot different when we first started, it was before the online shopping boom. Over time finding unique things in some ways has become more challenging.” Claire said.

The sister shared that they get really excited when someone comes into the store and finds something that they love.

Claire and Isabelle said they felt it was currently an exciting time on William Street with a lot of new businesses and cafe’s opening, but acknowledged the ground breaking businesses who came before them.

“Places like Red Stripe Clothing, The Butcher’s Shop, Harry High Pants and Little Willies have lead the way.” Claire and Isabelle said.

Drop by Ruck Rover at 242 William Street and congratulate them on their milestone or check them out online

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