Russia Criminalises LGBT ‘Propoganda’


A ‘Kiss In’ demonstration attracts physical abuse

An anti-gay bill that has passed the Lower House in Russian parliament represents worrying homophobic views that exist in the country, with views that homosexuals are to blame for low birth rates.

An overwhelming vote in favour of the bill (436-0) represents the strong homophobic stances of lawmakers, powerful religious institutes and much of the general public. The bill will ensure the banning of any ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations’ – making gay pride marches and teaching children about homosexuality illegal.

Lawmakers also believe LGBT Russians should be should be barred from government jobs, undergo forced medical treatment, or be exiled.

Just before the State Duma passed legislation supported by the Kremlin, just over two dozen LGBT advocates were attacked by hundreds of anti-gay protestors. Authorities detained the pro-gay protestors.

Although previously President Vladimir Putin has denied any homophobia in Russia, it is expected that both the Upper House and Putin will pass the bill with little to no conflict, making it law.

Both the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church are pushing ‘traditional Russian values’ following an increase in youth protesting against Putin’s rule. Both powers condemn homosexuality and Western Liberalism.

LGBT protests  in Russia have often turned rapidly violent, watch footage of a queer ‘kissing protest’ that attracted physical abuse earlier this year.

Nadine Walker

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