Russian election video is warns that voter apathy will lead to gays in every home

A new video encouraging Russians to vote in the upcoming Presidential elections has warned that voter apathy could lead to policies that people are not prepared for, like military service for people in their 50’s, restrictions on bathroom time and being forced into a gay relationship.

The video begins with a husband and wife going to bed at night, she’s setting the alarm so they can get up early to vote, and he says it not worth it.

The next morning the husband is woken by the military at the door wanting to draft him into service, he protests that he’s in his 50’s, but they say the laws have been changed and military service is now compulsory.

Later he moves into the kitchen only to be greeted by a camp man filing his nails with a rainbow coloured emery board. His wife informs him there’s a new government policy requiring every household to take in a gay person.

He’s then told that if the gay man can’t find a partner, he’ll have to be coupled with him. The pink clad gay boy then provocatively eats a banana.

After discovering that his bathroom time has also been compromised the man awakes in bed to find he’s now in a relationship with the gay man.

It’s unclear where the video originated but Russia’s Election Committee has denied having any involvement. The first round of Russian Presidential elections is being held on 18th March and Vladimir Putin is expected to be returned for a second consecutive term, his forth term in total.

OIP Staff

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