S.A. Government Seeks Public Opinion for LGBTIQ Law Reform

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The South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI), a non-government organisation, is currently conducting an audit of SA law to pinpoint discriminatory legislation which excludes the rights of LGBTIQ people.

The audit comes at the request of the South Australian state government, who are seeking community feedback to ensure that South Australia is meeting its obligation to ensure a “just and inclusive society”.

An official statement from the South Australian government outlines the commitment;

“The State Government’s vision is for a South Australia where the presence and contributions of LGBTIQ people are welcomed and celebrated and where their ability to participate fully in all aspects of social and economic life, free from discrimination and prejudice, is maximised”.

SALRI invites interested participants to submit their responses through the South Australian governments YourSay website. SALRI will be accepting community input until Monday July 6.

Leigh Hill

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