Premier Steven Marshall against discrimination of gay teachers

Steven Marshall

South Australian Premier Steven Marshall has spoken out against religious based schools who discriminate against people because of their sexuality or gender identity.

“South Australia has always been a diverse, accepting, respectful state and we don’t want to have discrimination here in our state.” the Premier said on Friday.

The South Australian Premier made the comment as Nine News highlighted a school in Adelaide’s south which declares no homosexuals will be employed in an positions at the school.

A report from Channel Nine highlighted that Adelaide school Southern Vales Christian College note in their information pack for prospective employees that people who are same-sex attracted will be not be hired.

“Our beliefs are such that we do not accept that homosexuality is appropriate.” the schools employment documents state, highlighting that nobody who is LGBTQI+ will be employed.

The discrimination of people who are gay is completely legal and permitted under the federal anti-discrimination laws which have a provision that allow school to dismiss teachers or other staff who they discover are gay. There is also a provision which allows students to be expelled if they are homosexual.

In a statement the school’s Principal said they were committed to upholding Christian values and always aims to employ people who hold the same beliefs.

The allowance of discrimination against LGBTIQ+ staff and students was highlighted in the federal government’s Ruddock Review which was conducted in the wake of marriage equality being achieved in Australia.

In 2018 Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced he would more to remove the discrimination against students, but was not in favour of bringing in protections for teachers and other staff. It has been highlighted that more than 1000 days have passed since the PM delivered his pledge.

The federal government has announced it will soon introduce a third draft of their Religious Freedom legislation.

The South Australian Premier’s comment supporting anti-discrimination protection for teachers and students comes as the South Australian government considers improving the state’s anti-discrimination laws, potentially putting the Liberal premier at odds with his federal colleagues.

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