Shane Adamczak is alone in space in the sci-fi comedy STASIS

Shane Adamczak is back in Perth after having recently come off his Canadian Fringe tour with his show The Ballad of Frank Allen which won the Just Laugh comedy award.

This time he brings up STASIS; his sci-fi vision and the first original solo show Adamczak has performed in 7 years. I sat down with him to pick his brain about what we can expect from STASIS and how it differs from his previous work.

So who is Shane Adamczak? After seeing his first solo show in Melbourne several years ago Adamczak thought “Wow, you can just get up on stage and do stuff” and thus came into being the creation of his stage persona Zack Adams who performed various comedy/cabaret gigs.

One of the wonders of performing solo is the concept of “saving yourself” where you are in control and completely responsible. It’s a daunting enterprise but Adamczak is coming up to his 10 year Canadian Fringeversary and is not new to this.

With STASIS Adamczak wanted to do something a little different “This is a more grown up Zack Adams show, I’m now in my 30’s so it’s going to be older.”

Adamczak reflects on the creation of this show “people can understand the isolation of feeling alone after a separation, being alone in Perth the most isolated city in the world and I think people can understand the feeling of being alone when in a long distance relationship and finding solace in the isolation.”

He ponders a moment and tells me “It’s okay to be alone. You can find comfort in that and there are people you can reach out to for help”.

Adamczak assures me though this is not all doom and gloom and there are lots of laughs to be had in this sci-fi comedy. “I love sci-fi. I’ve been a fan of sci-fi since I was kid watching Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly and I’d say Red Dwarf is a great comedic influence for this show. Imagine a Red Dwarf and Alien franchise mash-up and that is STASIS“. In entertainment Adamczak says the great thing about sci-fi is that “you can invent a device to handle anything.”

And whilst Adamczak is a “firm believer that two chairs and a guitar is enough to tell a story” he assures that this time he is branching out and there will be a lot of sci-fi gizmos to razzle-dazzle the audience this time around. Speaking of razzle-dazzle one of the team members Adamczak incorporates in this production is his long time friend and Adelaide cosplay creator Calixta Cheers “the ship and suit are in detail they are run down and it fits in with the soulless, rundown vibe of the show”.

Despite the solo show aesthetic this is also the biggest team Adamczak is working on with an original solo performance incorporating many talents across the board. “The show is really fun, lots of laughs even with the solace in solitude. There’s something for everyone and I can’t wait to see you down at The Blue Room.”

So come down to The Blue Room for “laughs and a love of sci-fi” with Shane Adamczak’s latest production: STASIS. It’s sure to shoot beyond the usual framework of this comedic cabaret artist and beyond the stars as well.

STASIS is at The Blue Room Theatre from October 10 – 28.  For tickets and more information, head to

Kyle J Kash

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