Sheldon Riley has shared his video for ‘Left Broken’

Sheldon Riley

Australian singer Sheldon Riley has shared the video for his single Left Broken. 

OUTinPerth recently spoke to the singer who got his big break on The Voice – Australia about his new music, and the elaborate headpiece he wears in the video clip.

Riley shared that he was inspired by Johnny Depp’s character in the Tim Burton film Edward Scissorhands. 

“It’s kind of like a my big heartbreak story, but I’m hiding behind a bit of a heartbreak character. I just liked how Edward Scissorhands sold, I liked how the movie went. And he’s just this character that’s completely broken, and everyone’s trying to fix him. I guess just like most people in a heartbreak, sometimes that just doesn’t get fixed as easily.”

The mask Riley dons in the clip was designed by a designer who works with Lady Gaga.

“I was I was trying to find inspiration for things. And I got this really awesome message coming through from Instagram from this guy who loves what I did on The Voice and America’s Got Talent and stuff, and is Lady Gaga is mask maker for all the VMA things that happened during during COVID, and he’s just done her music video and everything was just crazy.

“He messaged and he wanted to collaborate. So he sent them off, all the way from San Francisco, it took a long time to get here. I’m excited to announce I’m wearing one of Lance Victor Moore’s pieces and it was very inspired by Gaga and inspired by my creative and everything, and it’s completely personalised.”

“It’s all made out of steel and Swarovski crystals. So it’s, it’s super personal.” Riley shared.

Take a look at the video and listen to our chat with Sheldon Riley

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