Singer and actor Natalie Bassingthwaite shares relationship update

Natalie Bassingthwaite, who made her mark in TV soap Neighbours, before launching a successful musical career as the lead singer of Rogue Traders, has shared that she’s in a new same-sex relationship.

Earlier this year Bassingthwaite and husband Cameron McGlinchey, who is one of her band mates, announced they were separating.  The long-term couple had been married since 2011 and have two children.

In a conversation with Stellar magazine’s Something to Talk About podcast Bassingthwaite shared that she was now in a relationship with a woman “who makes my heart smile and makes me happy”.

Bassingthwaite didn’t identify her new partner, or give any label to her sexuality, but she spoke about how she considers her marriage to McGlinchey a success.

“We had a very successful marriage. It was very beautiful. We’ve done amazing things together, achieved a lot and have two incredible children. We admire and respect each other, and there’s love there. It’s just different,” she said.

Bassingthwaite joined Rogue Traders in 2005, on the band’s previous album they’d used a series of different vocalists but with Bassingthwaite’s distinctive vocals they scored their biggest hits.

She left the band in 2008, moving on to a solo career and Rogue Traders brought in a new vocalist. In 2015 the band reunited with Bassingthwaite.

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