SOAK teams up with Gemma Doherty for ‘I’m Alive’

SOAK – aka Ireland’s Bridie Monds-Watson – has released a new collaboration track and film called I’m Alive.

Conceptualised by Ellius Grace during the height of lockdown, I’m Alive is based around a poem written and performed by SOAK with instrumental music created by Gemma Doherty of Saint Sister. It brings together a team of collaborators from across Ireland who worked in isolation to create the track and accompanying short film, many of whom had never met before.

SOAK explains the creation of the piece saying the idea behind the project was an antidote to isolation.

“Ellius Grace reached out to me during the lockdown with this idea of creating an ‘antidote to anxiety’, with the concept centering around finding beauty in the mundane. I sat down in the up and down waves of isolation, when I let my brain go I started to write about how it feels to ‘wake up’ from a long depression. The relief when a tide starts to turn and things I’d given up on begin to seem possible again. Ellius asked Gemma Doherty to compose the soundtrack and she provided a gentle and gripping bed to speak over. I hope this piece can act as a reminder that it won’t always be like this.”

Grace said he hoped people found strength after experiencing the work.

I’m Alive is a short film about being mindful of the small joys and blessings around you. It’s about slowing down and taking stock of the things that often go unnoticed. It’s about the space you can create in your head when you’re feeling anxious or frustrated with life. With this piece, I hope to create a calming experience and send a message of peace and strength in oneself. I hope to remind you of the beautiful experiences that anyone can have no matter their situation.”

SOAK’s latest album Grim Town was released in 2019.  

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