Björk sings on the edge of Fagradalsfjall volcano in latest music video

Björk has shared her music video for Sorrowful Soil, the fourth visual accompaniment to her latest album Fossora.

Directed by Viðar Logi, it sees her singing at the recently erupted Icelandic volcano Fagradalsfjall on the Reykjanes peninsula. Dormant for six thousand years before 2021, the landscape’s torrid visuals make for a striking backdrop to Björk’s otherworldly sound.

Sorrowful Soil is a song I wrote from random improvisations,” Björk said of the song.

“I kinda thought I was writing another song but then when I edited it I threw away most of the stuff and this is what stood there staring at me.”

“For me, Sorrowful Soil and Ancestress are the 2 songs on Fossora written for my mother … Ancestress is my take on funeral-music but Sorrowful Soil is written 2 years before and mirrors more that last chapter.”

Avant-garde icon Björk is bringing her musical, visual spectacular Cornucopia to Perth Festival 2023 in March.

The Icelandic artist returns for the first time in decades for this magnificent Australian exclusive.

Last appearing down under at 2008’s Big Day Out in celebration of her 2007 album Volta, the mystical songstress is returning to mark the release of her fungus-inspired new album Fossora.

Perth Festival the largest bespoke pavilion in the Southern Hemisphere to host her most elaborate production yet. Lush images will come to life on futuristic screens as she performs live alongside musicians and choirs of flutes and voices.

Cornucopia has only been presented in select cities around the world, so don’t miss your opportunity to witness something truly spectacular.

Björk will present Cornucopia on 3, 6, 9 and 12 March 2023 at Langley Park, Perth. See here for more information.

Image: Viðar Logi

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