Spectacular Dance Show ‘G’ is Mesmerising

G Australia Dance Theatre 4-7 July State Theatre Centre image 6 by Chris HerzfeldThere are so many words that you have to draw on to describe Gary Stewart’s contemporary dance production ‘G’, it’s energetic, frenetic, camp, captivating, relentless and intense, it’s a total roller coaster journey of brilliance. The traditional ballet story of ‘Giselle’ is stripped back to its basic elements and presented afresh.

The action all takes place along a thin strip of the middle of the stage, moving constantly from left to right the dancers enter again and again, traversing the stage from one side to the other, only to reappear again moments later on the left hand side again to begin the journey again. It seems the journey is made hundreds of times, sometimes slow and mesmerising, but at other times at breakneck speed.

Behind the dance action is a huge LCD screen of bright green lights that throughout the show transforms the space so dramatically. In the beginning the lights introduce to each character in the story of ‘Giselle’ before quickly sharing the plot points before we dive head first into the action.

During the show the lights change colour, often in the blink of an eye, radically transforming the space and the associated emotional feeling. It moves from green, to bright white, yellow and an ominous intense red. It’s spectacular and yet, so simple in its staging, like all the best ideas usually are.

The choreography is tight, sharp and fast. The dancers throw themselves at the floor and bounce back up like they were just marionettes, and they move at light speed across the stage. Most impressively these dancers are all not just brilliant at movement but also at expression, their faces communicating so much in a moment, drawing the audience in and holding them captive.

Even if you’re not a fan of dance this show will impress you. It’s simply amazing and if you can grab one of the few remaining tickets you’ll be well rewarded.

‘G’ from Australian Dance Theatre plays at the Heath Ledger Theatre at the State Theatre Centre until Sunday July 7.

Graeme Watson, Image: Chris Herzfeld


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