Sportsbet Face Backlash for Taking Bets on Bruce Jenner’s New Name

Bruce Jenner

Online bookmaker Sportsbet are facing controversy for accepting bets on Bruce Jenner’s name following gender transition.

After TMZ published rumours that the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star would be undergoing gender transition, Jenner has reportedly undertaken an interview with Diane Sawyer addressing the rumours and discussing the possibility of going by a new name.

In a press release entitled ‘Bruscilla, Queen of the Kardashians?’, Sportsbet called for bets on Jenner’s new name should he undergo gender transition.

“Fair play to Bruce, it takes a lot of balls to em…cut off your balls. We expect a lot of interest in this market ahead of the big reveal,’’ Sportsbet public relations manager Will Byrne said.

A spokesperson from Sportsbet told LGBT publication the Star Observer that while they would offer an apology for offending people, they would not offer an apology on taking bets on the matter.

Bruce Jenner is doing a TV interview where he will reveal his name and we are betting on the result of this revelation,” the spokesperson said.

“At no stage was it our intention to offend anyone with this market and if it has we of course apologise for that.

“We are completely supportive of Bruce and the decision he has made.” the spokesperson said.


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