On the Spot: Rachel Discrimination

Rachel DiscriminationWe caught up with Drag Performer Rachel Discrimination and asked her some random questions.

What should never be worn in public? Clogs

What sound do you love?
My car starting.

When you were a teenager who was on your bedroom wall?
Joey Lawrence and Jonathan Brandis

If the moon is made of cheese what kind of cheese is it?
It’s green cheese from what I was told as a child.

What song can’t you get out of your head?
Can’t get you out of my head by Kylie Minogue

Name a great book. Any science fiction by Robin Hobb is good.

What do you regret? Not starting drag earlier.

Which band should reform?  E.Y.C

How do you cure a hangover?
A BLT sub, some panadol and water.

Who’s hot? Me!!

Where do you like to hang out?  Connections Nightclub

image: Jana Topler


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