Review | ‘Spectacles Presents: Stargazed’ features astronomical talent

Spectacles Presents: Stargazed | Lyric’s Underground | til Feb 10 | ★ ★ ★ ★ ½ 

Presented by Spectacles, Stargazed at the Lyric’s Underground in Maylands is a cabaret variety drag night, being held every Wednesday over four weeks during Fringe World.

Drag in Perth has a long herstory history, experiencing a resurgence of drag over the last decade, elevated through the Fringe World festival (formerly known as Artrage); celebrating the 10th anniversary in 2021.

Fringe World has empowered many new, unknown, and up and coming drag artists, giving space to create works; pushing the binary boundaries over the decade.

The night is a safe space for performative explorations by queer, trans, non-binary Perth artists.

The show starts with a fierce statement for the audience, in case they aren’t aware, the performance is a safe space for queer, trans, non-binary artists; and “if this offends you then please leave”.

Liberty Genre is the compere for the night, an artist to watch out for, and winner of Crown of the Court 2020. We witness performances from Liberty, Justin Sider, Bobby Knox, Peachy Sparkles and Flynn V.

Each performer takes the audience on a transcendental journey, through their perspective of astrological star signs. Challenging stereotypes through lip-syncing, dance, burlesque and live singing.

Justin Sider is a highlight on the night, making their mark in the Perth drag world, winning the Crown of the Court in 2019 as the first drag king.

Justin Sider is a new performer and musician, who shows their scars and reminds us we don’t need to be six-foot-tall to be powerful. They represent the non-binary trans-masculine spectrum, pushing body positivity; scars and all.

Bobby Knox performs to the star sign Libra; it’s all about balance and justice. The performance is burlesque with a deeper meaning around domestic violence; a sultry sophisticated performance with a message.

Flynn V, an androgynous character riding gender fluidity, explores the star sign, Leo. Black cape, red thigh-high boots, corset and long stripper gloves, with preachers bible; which starts to BURN.

Flynn V reminds us we can inhabit bodies which sit outside of the dominant and stereotypical and still be strong and sexy; expressing body confidence.

Liberty Genre’s stage presence as compere and performer is refreshing. Performing drag and burlesque and singing a vocal interpretation of The Cure’s song Boys Don’t Cry; this performance is drag gold. A beautifully honest rendition of a song about masculinity reinterpreted and performed live; exquisite.

Bobby Knox, Peachy Sparkles and Jaxon Coke are stunners. They are all powerhouses in their gender expression; rebellious and a little bit of punk rock.

The second cast in weeks three and four will include Serenity, Bebe Babow, Rhonda Civic, Blake Cassette and the gracious compere; Liberty Genre.

Go see these stars perform every Wednesday night during Fringe World 2021, and gaze upon gender expression in many possible forms; like stars shining brightly in the night sky.

See Spectacles Presents: Stargazed on Wednesday 3rd & 10th February. For tickets and more information, head to

Guy Gomeze is an artist, arts worker, photographer, writer, and occasional curator, they have worked in the arts for 25 years between the east coast and west coast of Australia.

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