Stephen Fry and Friends Encourage Irish Marriage Equality

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A number of comedians have voiced their support for same sex marriage being legalized in Ireland.

Jason Byrne, Aisling Bea, David O’Doherty are part of a bevvy of comics who have joined forces to encourage the Irish people to vote yes for marriage equality in a referendum on Friday.

The video, entitled ‘Stand Ups for Yes’, features the comedians each making a personal plea for viewers to vote yes, including Stephen Fry’s emotional Gaelic speech from an episode of his popular panel show ‘QI’. Panelists Alan Davies, Danny Bhoy and Jimmy Carr echo his support.

If the majority vote ‘yes’ for marriage equality, Ireland would make world history as the first nation to legalise same sex marriage by popular vote. While same sex marriage is legal in 17 countries, in all of those countries the decision was made via legislature of through the courts.

Marriage equality in Ireland would represent a significant change for the recognition of same sex relationships in Europe, but it would also represent a personal victory for many, having been allowed the opportunity to directly affect change.

The referendum will take place on Friday May 22nd.

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