Stuck at home? Here’s five series to watch right now

Perth and it’s surrounding areas have been sent into a COVID-19 lockdown today and many of us are going to be at home at least until Friday, so now seemed like the perfect time to recommend some great TV series to watch. Here’s five shows currently available on streaming services.

It’s A Sin

We cannot stress how amazing this new TV series from Russell T. Davies is! He’s the writer behind a long list of great shows including the original Queer as Folk, Bob and Rose, A Very English Scandal and Years and Years. 

This new show, which can be streamed on STAN, follows five friends who arrive in London in 1981 ready to head off on adventures in life. Some of them are boldly coming out and hitting all the gay bars and clubs, others are a little more reserved and timid. Their lives are forever changed when HIV starts to impact on their lives and relationships.

This show is heartbreaking, but also uplifting and filled with adorable moments of friendship, compassion and love. There’s just five episodes, but it covers a lot of ground and each instalment moves us another few years through the decade.


Brigderton has been one of Netflix’s most watched shows ever.  Based on the novels by Julia Quinn the story focusses on Regency era London and the lives of the upper class during ‘The Season’, a period of balls and garden parties where young women hope to find suitable husbands, making financial and political connections for their families.

The drama focuses on The Bridgerton family and the Featherington family, who live in majestic houses on the same square. Their world is disrupted by a gossip newsletter penned by the elusive Lady Whistledown, who seems to know a lot about all that’s going on in their lives – are no secrets safe?

This show is full of plots, scheming and mysteries, plus a lot of dresses and balls.  The show has been praised for its casting of actors of colour in many of it’s roles and for its enthusiastic sex scenes. The production was criticised for overplaying how much queer content is in the series in its promotional trailer, but it’s an addictive series none the less.


The second series of Bonding has just appeared on Netflix.  Zoe Levin and Brendan Scannell return as friends Tiff and Pete, who have a side hustle as a dominatrix and assistant.

The new series continues their adventures of trying to balance their personal lives with their increasingly outlandish and outrageous adventures with latex, whips, nipple clamps and unusual requests from clients.

The first series was strongly criticised for inaccurately portraying the BDSM communities, so ahead of the second series being written and filmed producers hired a bunch of experts to ensure the story did not misrepresent the sub-culture.  The second series is a lot more emotional than the first outing, but it’s still pretty funny.

The End

New Australian series The End has been labeled “must see television” and after getting our hands on an advance copy of the first two episodes we agree.

It’s stellar cast includes Dame Harriet Walter, Noni Hazelhurst, Robyn Nevin, Frances O’Connor, John Waters, Luke Arnold and many others.

Dr Kate Brennan (O’Connor), is a doctor specialising in palliative care, and she’s passionate in her opposite to euthanasia. Kate’s got a lot going on in her life, her business-man husband is in prison, and she’s just moved her depressed mother (Walter) into a retirement village, while one of her children is working their way through the process of gender transition.

The show starts this Tuesday on Fox Showcase.

All Creatures Great and Small 

The books of Scotsman James Herriot’s adventures as a vet in the Yorkshire dales have already been turned into a movie and successful and much loved 1970’s TV series.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the books initial publication there’s a new series retreading the tales of James and the other residents of Skeldale House in the village of Darrowby.

Nicholas Ralph plays Herriot, while Samuel West (son of actors Timothy West and Prunella Scales) plays Siegfried Farnon, Callum Woodhouse is younger brother Tristan Farnon, while Rachel Shenton plays James love interest farm owner Helen Alderson. Anna Madeley plays housekeeper Mrs Hall – who has a much larger part than the original series. The show also features one of the final performances of Dame Diana Rigg, who plays the unforgettable Mrs Pumphrey, owner of the world’s most spoilt dog Tricki Woo.

This series is sweet, old fashioned and twee as can be, if you have a soft spot for the original series, you’ll love this new take too. You can stream the show on Britbox.

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